Royal Crown Colony of Zartanian Angliyaa
Conventional short name:
 Local: Zartanian Angliyaa
 Ingallish: The Royal Crown Colony of Zartanian Angliyaa
Data codes: ZA, ZTA
Oldcontinenst wikiss
 Official: Rizne, Ingallish
 Others: Lamanerdian
 Capital: Anasta
 Other: Port Angliyaa, Moonhaven
Government type: Royal Crown Colony
Royal Governor: Kel, 14th Baron Opturnforth
Area: 7,641 km²
Population: 731,216 colonists
Established: Ceded to Greater Zartanian Empire 301AP
Currency: Zartanian Crown
Organizations: Greater Zartanian Empire

Zartanian Angliyaa is one of six Royal Crown Colonies of the Greater Zartanian Empire. As with all other Crown Colonies, the chief administrator is a Royal Governor appointed by His Royal Majesty, King Bruno II. Zartanian Angliyaa was ceded to the Empire in 301AP from the Government of the State of Angliyaa, under the leadership of then-Prime Minister Alex Smith. The cession was partly an effort to repay Zartania for not only hosting the Angliyaan government-in-exile, but helping Smith overthrow the Jannaton collective and restore the federal republic in early 301AP. The colonial cession also had certain economic and cultural impetuses, including increasing economic interaction between Angliyaa and the other Zartanian colonies on the western shores of Longerath, as well as carving out a small homeland for the significant ethnic Zartanian minority present in that region. The ethnic Zartanians there had dispersed to the region following the instituting of the Terramarc dependency in Eastern Zartania prior to 275AP. Today there remains a certain amount of hostile feelings toward the colonial government from ethnic Samuelonians living there, as well as neighboring citizens of Samuelonia, many of whom consider the colony to be historical Samuelonian territory to be reunited with the kingdom in the future. The Samuelonian and Zartanian governments, however, continue to enjoy friendly relations and have consistently refused to address the simmering ethnic tensions along their border.