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The Greater Zartanian Empire
Conventional short name:
 Local: Zeok'Tu
 Ingallish: Zartania
Data codes: SZ, KSZ
Flag of Greater Zartanian Empire
 Official: Rizne (Zartanian), Ingallish
 Others: Numerous
 Capital: Imperial City
 Other: Claw Anchorage, Cazniev, Kras, Castle Dargon, Eastharbor, Fort Orkalyn
Government type: federated absolute monarchy
King: Bruno II vun Q'Leist
Area: (T.B.A.)
Population: est. 274 million (306AP) Zartanians
Ethnic groups: Zartanian (~250m), Ingallish, Gronkian, Albionish, Dignanian, Westrian
Currency: Crown (symbol: ZC)
Organizations: United Nations of Vexillium

The Greater Zartanian Empire (typically referred to as simply "Zartania") is a country located in the northeast corner of the Old Continent. The Empire is composed of several component entities, including the Federated Dominions of the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania, the Republic of Western Zartania, the Federal Republic of Whiland, and the Kingdom of Elafites and Zufites, as well as the Royal Crown Colonies of Haddock Cove, Kunn Federon, the Khor Islands, Zartanian Angliyaa, Noterland, and Zartanian Glaciaria, and the Whilandic overseas territories of Port Julian and Whilandian Glaciaria.

Formation of the Empire[]

The Greater Zartanian Empire was formed in 302AP from the merging of the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania and the Republic of Western Zartania under a single crown. In doing so, the Act of Unification specified that the King of Eastern Zartania would also serve as the head of state of the Empire, while Western Zartania would continue to exercise a certain amount of autonomy. Specifically, the Republic retains its own legislature, its own royal line, its own police force, and its own militia, while bowing to the Empire for supremecy in foreign affairs and other overarching matters.

The Act of Unification also provided for the establishment of the Imperial Council of Ministers to act as the federated advisory body to the King.  The Imperial Council is composed of the head of each of the Empire's six ministries, as well as a representative of the Royal Armed Forces, the Royal Zartanian Army, the Imperial Zartanian Navy, the Royal Zartanian Air Force, and one representative each from the Federated Dominions, colonies, and territories that make up the Empire.  This construct allows each half of the Empire an equal voice in advising the King, though some argue that the construct also allows too much weight to be given to the military when advising the monarch.

On 1 January 317AP, the Greater Zartanian Empire was expanded with the addition of two more Federated Dominions - the Federal Republic of Whiland and the Kingdom of Elafites and Zufites. Whiland petitioned to join the Empire as a Dominion following the invasion of the country in late October 316AP by Burovian and Chungese military forces. The invasion was opposed by Zartanian and Whilandic forces, resulting in a north-south partition of Whiland. The northern part of Whiland, retaining the name and government, applied to join the Empire in order to safeguard the people and territorial integrity of what was left of the Federal Republic. Meanwhile, Ezo joined the Empire following the invasion and annexation of the kingdom by Zartanian military forces in December 316AP. The invasion was in response to the Ezo government's failure to act to halt pirates based within its island chains preying on Zartanian commercial shipping.

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