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Flag of Winstershire
Coat of Arms of Winstershire
Area 14,847 sq.kms (20)
Population 1,500,000 (7)
Pop.density 101/ (3)
Shire seat Winster
Boroughs 1
Hundreds 9
Mail code WI
Motto Weden is thy Blee
Blue is your colour

Winstershire is a shire of Somery. The shire covers the central part of lathe Sutherewland, i.e. the lower Weden valley, the Wednesbury Emnet, and the Kenna valley. The Emnet dominates the terrain in the north, while the south, bordering on Lynnestshire, meets the hilly, forested North Friths of the Michelweald area. The coastline consists of long sandy beaches, with the exception of the Wedneslow Wold area which features low cliffs and pebbled shores.