To edit an article, first you have to access the "edit" link, located on the top of the page. Then, you'll be provided with a blank, notepad-style page. You can start writing now. Yeah, just write. When you're done, click either the "save page" or "show preview" buttons below the blank area. Congratulations, you've just written your first article!

But, of course, you don't want your article to look all dull and plain-text, right? That's why we use a series of formatting codes to make the text appear as italic, bold, as a link and so on.

For italics, enclose the text in two single quotes: ''like this''.
If you want bold text, enclose it in three single quotes: '''this way'''.
Bold italics, no more than five single quotes: '''''see?'''''

Headings are placed between equal signs. Therefore, typing === Heading === will give us this:

Heading Edit

The heading tag can have between one and four equal signs. One sign is used for the most top-level heading on the article. A heading with two equal signs will be a sub-heading of the one with just a single sign, and so on...

For Bullet lists, add an asterisk at the beginning of every line. So, somethign like this:
* 1
* 2
** 2.1
** 2.2
*** 2.2.1
** 2.3
* 3

Will give us this:

  • 1
  • 2
    • 2.1
    • 2.2
      • 2.2.1
    • 2.3
  • 3

The same procedure can be applied on the creation of a numbered list. Just replace the asterisk with a hash sign (#).

To make a link within Wikivex, just enclose it in double brackets. Use a pipe to link to a different page than what is displayed. So, typing [[Porto Capital]] and [[Porto Capital|an strange country on Melania]] will give you Porto Capital and an strange country on Melania.

Want an external link? Typing [ Jaggedblue] will give us Jaggedblue.


Diplomatic seal of Davenport.

Now, for adding an image, first go on the Upload File link, located on Wikivex's sidebar. There, upload the image you want. Now, back to the article's editing page, type [[Image:imagename.jpg|thumb|right|A label.]]. For instance, typing [[Image:davptemb.gif|thumb|right|Diplomatic seal of [[Davenport]].]] will give us the image-on-a-frame we see to our right.

To create a redirect, you type only #REDIRECT [[Target Article]].

The MediaWiki User's Guide has tons of more advanced editing tips.