Wikivex - The Free, Online, Vexillium Encyclopedia

Wikivex is a free content Encyclopedia, with articles relating to the planet of Vexillium.

[TECH: Or, if you preffer, it is a Wiki-Encyclopedia for our very own play-by-mail Imaginations Vexillium.]

The following articles contain useful guidance and information about reading, authoring, and participating on this project. Make them some sort of holy book.

  • About Wikivex: The whys of Wikivex. Who's behind it? What's all the fuzz about? What's these red links?
  • Creating a new article: Yeah... How do I create a new page?
  • Naming an article: And even before I create it... What should it be called?
  • Editing and formatting: How you can make your text look neat.
  • More formatting: How you can make your text look neater.
  • Templates: Little pieces of code that make our lifes a lot easier.
  • Content guidelines: What goes and what doesn't go on Wikivex.
  • Tech notes: Because, you see... Real life strikes us sometimes.