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Can I recommend that the categories listed below actually BE turned into categories. The advantage being that you get to have the same article text above, but get a neat alphabetically-sorted list of articles with the category:category name tags on it.

Have a look at Climate for a good example. Scroll to the bottom on it.

Edit this page to see how I've done the category thing.

Help on Categories


Based on my experience at Wikipedia, I'd actually recommend that both categories and regular articles be used separately. The disadvantage of category pages is that they can't display (in their automatic alphabetic list section) any article which we haven't actually created yet — we don't have any way of adding things that will get filled in later. Just my thoughts. -- Thomas Robinson 20:10, 5 February 2006 (UTC)

Well... I guess Thomas' suggestion is the best one. If there isn't any opposition to this, I'll do these modifications in a few days... - Carlos

Category Tree[]

So, we're going to adopt Thomas' scheme of both articles-based lists and categories-based lists, right? Well, if so, may I propose this for a category tree...

+++Subnational entities
+++Former nations
+++Capital cities
+++Capital cities

++Former nations
++Civil wars and revolutions
++Local histories

++Ethnic groups

+++Government types
++++International organizations
++Ethnic groups

+++Internet Hosts
++Power Generation
++Scientific projects 
++Research institutes



Any suggestions? - Carlos, 06.02.06, aprox. 20:00 GMT