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Republic of Western Hochland
Conventional short name:
 Local: Hochland
 Ingallish: Hochland
Data codes: WHC
Flag of Western Hochland
 Official: Ingallish
 Others: Franckish
 Capital: Amsterhaven
 Other: xxx
Government type: Republic
President: Seth Barbosa
Legislature: Senate
Area: xxx sq kms
Population: N/A Hochlandians
Established: 316 AP
Currency: xxx= 100 xxx

The Republic of Western Hochland is a federal parliamentary republic located in the central Longerath continent. It became independent after the split-up of Dascunya in December 316.


For pre-independence history see History of Dascunya

The Republic of Western Hochland was established in December 316 at the Finnholm Negotiations. Seth Barbosa led the negotiations on behalf of the Dascunyan Hochlandic factions and in 315 Barbosa was invited to form a government for the new Western Hochland state. The newly founded Hochlandic state was heralded as a huge moment for Hochlandic peoples across Longerath, with many calling for a Greater Hochland to be formed with territory from northern Angliya and southern Feniz.

Barbosa's newly founded government under the Hochlandic Peoples Party established the nations new capital in the city of Amsterhaven and the nations first election was scheduled to be held in January 320. Western Hochland became a founding member of the Central Longerath Union in 316.




Main mineral resources in the region include gold, silver and uranium which are predominately found in the northern region, whilst the central and southern regions primary industries are agricultural and forestry.


Western Hochland is situated in central Longerath, a landlocked country, bordered by Northern Dascunya to the north, Feniz to the east, Angliya to the south and Drekanland to the west. The northern Grossvol region is dominated by the Central Longerath Mountains which rises over 4,000 meters, whilst the rest of the country is located upon the Dascunyan Lowlands.

Administrative divisions[]


Regional map of Western Hochland

Western Hochland is divided into five administrative divisions. The five states are:

  • Grossvol
  • Zellstadt
  • Hendenven
  • Northern Hedehary
  • Southern Hedehary


Cities: Soussane, Symsfell, Delfbrook, Drakwald


Cities: Wilfholm, Lindelburg, Friksburg, Holzberg


Cities: Amsterhaven, Nordenhammer, Draccanheim, Franbeck

Northern Hedehary[]

Cities: Altlandberg, Tyranden, Kleinsdorf, Konradsbern

Southern Hedehary[]

Cities: Jezen, Willingsdorf, Ulstminsden, Ludenhof




Western Hochland has no major international airport. The nearest large airport is Roselan Airport, Drekanland. South Amsterhaven Airport, in Amsterhaven, formerly Fort Amsterhaven Air force base, is the regions main airport, serving regional flights.


Sports are popular in Western Hochland, and its citizens participate in and watch a wide variety. The national sport is football, with over 320,000 players in more than 1600 clubs. Prior to independence, football in Western Hochland was part of the greater Dascunyan structures. The Hochlandic Football Association was founded in 316 and established the Hochlandic First, Second and Third Divisions. The largest football club in terms of history and support is Jezen United, who previously participated in the Dascunyan Football Championship.

Other popular sports include winter sports, cycling and ice hockey.