Conventional short name:
 Local: Vaara
 Ingallish: Vaara
Data codes: va, VAA
Flag of Vaara
 Official: Vaara, Ingallish
 Others: Lake-Kencari, South-Pocari, Bëltse
 Capital: Leertossoirra (Newcastle)
Government type: semi-demarchy
President 1: Aro Neita (since 317)
President 2: Gestir Yyvo (since 317)
President 3: Tato Pun (since 317)
Population: 792,269 Vaara
Established: Gained independence 316 AP
Currency: Sester
Organizations: UNV

The state of Vaara is a small country in Central Smalik, bordering the Lectern of United Kencari Peoples (LUKP), and the Kingdom of Bëltse. It is one of the successor states of the Republic of Bowdani that broke apart on 16 October 316.

Politics[edit | edit source]

Legislative[edit | edit source]

The parliament of Vaara consists of 61 members who are elected for a four year term. In addition, a "citizen's conference" decides on certain themes deemed too important for the parliament alone to decide. These include e.g. matters concerning the constitution, the decision to declare war, and the election of the members of the presidential committee. The citizens conference has 11 members who are selected by sortition from a broadly inclusive pool of eligible citizens.

Executive[edit | edit source]

Vaara is governed by a presidential committee consisting of three members. The chairpersonship rotates weekly between these members. Every year one of the members of the committee is elected for a three year term. The members of the presidential committee can perform cabinet functions; they can appoint further ministers to complete the cabinet.

The first election took place on 26 February 317. The following members were elected:

  • Mr Aro Neita (elected for a full three year term)
  • Ms Gestir Yyvo (elected for a transitional two year term)
  • Ms Tato Pun (elected for a transitional one year term).
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