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Universities are one of Vexillium's highest categories of scientific, research and education institutions.

List of Vexillium Universities[]

Flag-aethelnia Aethelnia

  • Saint Thomas University, Saint Thomas
  • Merlinburgh University, Merlinburgh
  • Universidad de Santa Anna, Sidonia Hiberian/Spaneesh-speaking
  • Universite de Saint Nazaire, Saint Nazaire Phenixian-speaking
  • Universitaet Rosenburg, Rosenburg Gardlian/Jerman-speaking

Allacoa Flag 318 Allacoa

  • Allacoa University
  • Whitechurch University

Chungxipang Chungxiang

  • Sweet Tears University, Surina

CimFlag Cimera

  • Royal University of Cimera, Comar
  • St. Quilin's University


  • University of Teocapec


  • State Institute of International Relations, Rahbar

Flag-cruisana Cruisana

  • Cruishaven University, Cruishaven
  • Royal Celt University
  • University of Midleburgh, Midleburgh

Tz civil Eastern Zartania

  • East Zartania University, Cazniev
  • Eastharbor University, Eastharbor
  • Royal War College, Claw Anchorage

FenizNationalFlag Feniz

Lcflag Lamb's Cove

  • Bristol University, Bristol

Flag-lendosa Lendosa

  • University of Asala
  • University of Colchisia
  • University of Gloria Libertatis, Gloria Libertatis
  • University of Rezimano
  • University of Valarium

Listonianfreestateflag Listonian Free State

  • St Padraig University, Brynisaf (Papaist Episcopal Church)
  • Medical College of Listonia, Laketon
  • University of Liston, Liston
  • Academy of the Arts, Liston
  • Polytechnic University, Neu-Köln

Maryportflag Maryport
The following universities were located in the former Mercantile Republic of Maryport, though they have since fallen under the education systems of the countries that arose from Maryport's dissolution. Nearly all of Maryport's colleges and universities were controlled by the country's various Guilds.

  • Amalgamated School of Transportation, Merryport and Port Hawke (The Guild of Undertakers and Assurants; Merryport Transporter's Guild; Guild of Anthropologists and Diplomats)
  • Kollegium Kraftvoll, Rio Nolo (Heinrich Kraftvoll/Fabriques Kraftvoll)
  • Maryport University, Maryport (city) (The Overseas Traders' Guild of Maryport)
  • Stetsonian University, Ottovia (Stetsonian Amalgamated Company)
  • Universite Outergouaise, Ottergoo (Outergouaise Guild of Pyrotechnics)

Flag-portocapital Porto Capital

  • al'Universija al'Ouahran, Oran

Flag-rovens Rovens

  • Badenbroek Private University
  • Bolgrad University
  • Burgsvik Imperial University, Burgsvik
  • Cluj Technical University, Cluj
  • Evanald Advanced Education Centre
  • Gvonj University
  • Imperial College of Cluj, Cluj
  • Imperial College of Guwimithstad, Guwimithstad
  • Kpotha College
  • Ojomo Technical University
  • South Western University
  • Southern University
  • University of Burgsvik, Burgsvik
  • University of Cluj, Cluj
  • University of Guwimithstad, Guwimithstad
  • University of Haastadt, Haastadt
  • University of St. Michael
  • University of Ystad, Ystad
  • Uta'amenya University
  • Warburton University

StSamuelFlag Samuelonia

Somnat Somery

  • Tuton University, Sidbury

Svarthaedir flag Svarthaedir

  • University of Snaeffellstadir, Snaeffellstadir
  • Ardernborg Provincial University, Ardernborg
  • Maritime University of Gilvik, Gilvik
  • University of Laughöfn, Laughöfn
  • University of Akureyri, Akureyri
  • University of Bjargeyar, Bjargeyar
  • Aldafjördur University, Aldafjördur
  • Heldidalur Metropolitan University, Heldidalur
  • SDF National College, Jubæjarklau

Flagtak Tak

Universities in Tak are called ƿAaf Hə ('Big Schools', sing. Af Hə) or sometimes ƿAaf Roop Hə ('Big Scientific Schools').

  • ŋGrrɣa mBuus Af Hə ('Grg State University' founded 286 BP), Grg
  • nəMɵɵɣa Af Hə ('University of Mɵg' founded 249 BP), Mɵg
  • nLlf Af Hə ('University of Lp' founded 116 AP), Lp

Utania Utania

  • Areopatre Military College, Geelong
  • Belview College
  • Charleston Hospital University, Charleston
  • Cruis Akyona Savaj
  • Geelong University, Geelong
  • Hope (Dansvelt) University
  • Luka Technical Institute, Luka
  • Mulgrave Institute
  • Navoomi Imperial University
  • Ploche Academy
  • Richmond Technical University
  • Tusana Cruisian College
  • Ujam Theological College
  • University of Agraam
  • University of Benmore
  • University of Charleston, Charleston
  • University of Dalesforth
  • University of Hamilton
  • University of Isaston
  • University of Lasanne, Lasanne
  • University of Luka, Luka
  • University of Shecker, Shecker
  • University of St. Johns-Luka, Luka
  • University of Utan Krysaror, Utan Krysaror
  • University of Vela Luka, Vela Luka
  • Utan Savaj Industrial University
  • Utani Cruisian University
  • Utanian National University
  • Waikato University

VknlFlag Vingarmark

  • University of Bjoergvin
  • Vinnish Federal Institute of Technology