Thuwkism is a religious teaching that is indigenous to South-Western Smalik and centred around the Four Benign Acts and the deities that are linked to them:

  • Aro, 'modesty'
  • Keldwn/Keldon 'generosity'
  • Ithar 'serenity'
  • Billar 'compassion'

Good deeds attract the deities and they will positively influence the actors of the good deed and their close vicinity. Proper Thuwkism leaves it at that, but gives examples on how to live a good life by means of the Writings of Serath (Serathare Pekerworarot), which are essentially moral stories about people who live positively and the benefits that this creates for them.


Apthuwkism is a variant of Thuwkism. Basically it is the same, but the four eveil deities Kor, Suthn, Bests, and Egin are added; these are the opposites of the benign deities and are attracted by exuberance, avarice, 'wild or unstable thoughts', and indifference. Although Proper Thuwkism doesn't really focus on an afterlife, Apthuwkism does, but only in a negative variant: there is some kind of hell, and if you don't live your life positively, you'll end up there. If you do live your life positively, you won't.

Thuwkist and Apthuwkist monks live in monasteries that can be found mostly in Bëltse and Vaara, but in the parts of LUKP between the Mountains of Gen and the Southern Strywak Mountain Range monasteries can be found as well.

The CarabinesEdit

In 256 AP the grandfather of the current King of Bëltse decided that Thuwkism should have some kind of prominent figure like Cruisanism has, and he asked the Thuwkist Monks to appoint a leader. Reluctantly, they did. This person is known as the Carabine (Karwbin) and is elected by a simple majority in one round every year in April or May for a one year period from the 1st of June to the 31st of May. This system functioned well until 269, when four monks received an equal amount of votes; instead of voting again however, it was decided that the four elected monks would serve as Carabines together, each serving as Carabine Supreme for a duration of three months. Despite the fact that the system wasn't changed, this situation hasn't repeated itself since then.

The Carabines form an official part of Thuwkist tradition observed by the Bëltse elite including the King; most other Thuwkists don't recognise his or her authority.

256Achin I
257Ruthunla I (f)
258Kufrar I
259Ruthunla II (f)
260Kufrar II
261Luthar I
262Kufrar III
263Awdkitsa I (f)
264Hithar I
265Luthar II
266Athonts I
267Erukar I
268Estsa I (f)
269Estsa II (f) jointly
Erukar II jointly
Ruthunla III (f) jointly
Kufrar IV jointly
270Salien I
271Omcona (f)
272Luthar III
273Luthar IV
274Sewtsats I
275Ruthunla IV (f)
276Erukar III
277Kufrar V
278Ildar I
279Ildar II
280Salien II
281Erukar IV
282Owsdenthla I (f)
283Luthar V
284Sewtsats II
285Nortsin I
286Abegar (f)
287Salien III
288Achin II
289Kyuri (f)
290Hithar II
291Sewtsats III
292Salien IV
293Salien V
294Salien VI
295Nortsin II
296Salien VII
297Erukar V
298Ildar III
299Sewtsats IV
300Awdkitsa II (f)
304Thuabak I
305Ugra (f)
309Nortsin III
310Owsdenthla II (f)
312Sewtsats V
313Awdkitsa III (f)
314Athonts II
315Sewtsats VI
316Thuabak II
318Ildar IV