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Loving Vexillium - How I tried to show affection for our planet

There are pages among those for Feniz or my other territories I put a lot of feeling into. I admit that in some respects I feel deeply for Vexillium, and I tried to express this feeling in the poem "I feel well".

Poetry Edit

Special feelings towards Feniz, which however is not possible without Vexillium, are expressed in the first interview of I'd Doo-Itt and in some of the poetry collected as Fenizic literature, especially the national anthem of Feniz, "Hail to you, Feniz", the song text "Blue-White-Black-Yellow Our Flag", the song "In The Desert", nearly promoted to new anthem, and the text for "Flourish and Triumphant March from >Aida<".

A similar text towards Ulnovabad is coming soon.

Fora Rifo has at least a national anthem.

Religious Philosophy Edit

I also put in a bunch of philosophic thoughts. Read them here:

These thoughts are my own, or my interpretations and explanations of existing ones.

Behind The Scenes Edit

I have always been impressed by my co-players' broad creativity or imagination (sic!) when they posted one or the other story about what was happening "behind the scenes". I never had thought that I might one day be able to write something myself. But I did. Even twice. Please read


I am really proud of them!

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