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Helioselenism 1

A traditional glyph for the Sun and Moon Cult.

The Sun and Moon Cult (also known by the more formal, albeit rarely used name, Helioselenism), is an indigenous religion of Ordland. The Sun and Moon Cult was the state religion of the proto-states of southeastern Fiarria, until the introduction of Cruisanism and subsequent unification of Ordland, from 580BP to 200BP. Helioselenites make up roughly 5% of the present-day Ordlandic population. There are also small communities in Porto Capital and Kiltanland.

The traditional Sun and Moon Cult is a nature-worshipping religion - nature itself is an embodiment of divinity. The spirits of nature help the faithfull in achieving their goals, in exchange of offerings and prayers. The priests act as mediators between the nature spirits, the common folk and the souls of the deceased - frequently through the use of hallucinogenic plants and fungi, such as daime and Cogumellus psicotropica.

Theologists state that the Sun and Moon Cult and Mezapatism have a common origin, due to similar practices and customs.

A fundamentalist interpretation of the Sun and Moon Cult is followed by the rebel/terrorist organization Master's Army in their unrecognized Theocracy of Ordland. This has led to the religion being seen with suspicion by much of the world - religious material of the Sun and Moon Cult is forbidden in Utania, for instance.

The national symbols of Ordland are derived from ancient symbols of the Sun and Moon Cult.