Sligomeagh is a city located on the river Chligache in the foothills of the Angel Mountains in Cimera.

Following the 298 break-up of the Meritéan Commonwealth, Sligomeagh was declared the capital of the Cruisanan protectorate of Wesmeria on 11 January 299. After the detachment of Eichensehria from Wesmeria, the center of Cruisanan administration was moved to Tara in what is now the Dominion of Sehria. When the Cruisian Principality of Cimera declared independence from Eichensehria on 24 January 302, it was administered initially from Comar, the capital of the former Grand Duchy of Cimera but within months, Sligomeagh, with its Cruisanan bureaucratic infrastructure, again became the capital and remained so for the next decade until the establishment of the republic when the capital returned definitively to Comar.