Semberdenburg Province
Motto "Via Crucis"
Capital Hampton
Cities Basterbury, Arlington, Leonards Bay, Port Donaldein, Chichester
Population 1,924,553
Governor Loud Albert Veron

Semberdenburg is one of twenty provinces of the United Federal Kingdom of Samuelonia, located on the south-west coast in Samuelonia, bordering the Black Sea, to the north, south and west and the Tyburn province to the east. Hampton is the administrative capital of Saint Sembus and the population of the province is 1,924,553.



The Semberdenburg province is located on the south-west coast in Samuelonia, bordering the Black Sea, to the north, south and west and the Tyburn province to the east. Semberdenburg forms the tip of the south-west peninsula of Samuelonia, and is therefore exposed to the full force of the prevailing winds that blow in from the Black Sea. The coastline is composed mainly of resistant rocks that give rise in many places to impressive cliffs.

The north and south coasts have different characteristics. The south coast is more exposed and therefore has a wilder nature. There are also many extensive stretches of fine golden sand which form the beaches that are so important to the tourist industry.


  • Abertshire County
  • Joddershire County
  • Edenshire County
  • Phillipshire County
  • Georgeshire County
  • Edwardshire County
  • Tottenshire County
  • Hartshire County

Towns & CitiesEdit

Saint Sembus Province
Town Population
Hampton 422,000
Port Donaldein 406,000
Arlington 297,000
Chichester 216,000
Basterbury 206,000
Leonards Bay 152,553
Wolf Bay 51,000
Georgefield 42,000
Willockdon & Turrister 31,000
Warburrton 24,000
Desingwood 19,000
Esingham 16,000
Chelterton 14,000
Ottingthorpe 13,000
Pagenham 9,000
Selsey 6,000


Saint Sembus is a rural province, where farming has been a way of life for hundreds of years. The economy is also heavily influenced by its two main urban centres, Hampton and Port Donaldein. The main industries in the province is fishing, mining and farming. Since the rise of seaside resorts with the arrival of the railways in the early 200's, Saint Sembus' economy has been heavily reliant on tourism. The main exports include fish, livestock, wheat, barley, wine and coal.




Ethnic GroupsEdit

The province is predominatley Samuelonian with only small numbers of foreign born citizens. The largest ethic group in Saint Sembus is Trinian, numbering around 10,000. Significant communities from Bowdani and Davenport also exist, numbering around 5,000 each.


Around 98% of the population are followers of Orthodox Cruisianity, with the remaining 2%, Papaist and Mounist. The population of Saint Sembus is one of the most pious in St. Samuel and the province virtually closes down on a Sunday, when thousands flock to there local churches.

Main SightsEdit

  • Cathedral of Hampton
  • Royal Naval Museum (Port Donaldein)
  • RM Port Donaldein Naval Base


  • Royal Naval Academy of Arlington
  • University of Hampton
  • Ronaldo Van De Luxor University (Hampton)
  • Chichester University



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