A republic can be defined in many different ways. One of the more common definitions is simply "a country which is not a monarchy". Another definition says that a republic is "a country where sovereignty rests with the people or the nation, rather than with the ruler". A third definition stresses the importance of laws and constitutions, defining a republic as "a country governed on the basis of laws rather than the wishes of individuals, where everyone is equally subject to the law". Some simply define a republic as being a democracy. There are many other definitions of the word, and what one person considers to be a republic, another person may not.

States describing themselves as republicsEdit

Country Head of state Head of government
AllacoaPresident Allister CowanPrime Minister David Mfeme
ArmatirionPresident Kjell Roll Elgsaas
(directly elected)
BowdaniPresident David Leah
DavenportPresident Steven Kramer
(directly elected)
Prime Minister Erik Porter
(appointed by legislature)
DjerigaSupreme Alliant Akhbaar Fahz
Eastern DelgamiaPresident Mendek Karastourru
(directly elected)
Prime Minister Alare Arociaho
(appointed by legislature)
Fora RifoPresident Truto Acero
GronkSupreme Chancellor ?
IslandiaPresident Pascal Gross?
IWKPresident Edison Garlenthz?
LendosaPraetor Catalina Santiago, Consul Anya Atmasova, and Chancellor Numerio Jadiro
(appointed by member states, appointed by legislature, and appointed by bureaucracy, respectively)
Listonian Free StatePresident Peter Krembs
(appointed by legislature)
Mari'imThe Lai'a Ari'a
(appointed by religious authorities)
Commisar Sa'ama Kyakilia'ii
(former head of state political academy)
NeolilianaChancellor Aya WardenFirst Minister Aroth Black
(appointed by legislature)
North DignaniaPresident Matthew Cook
Porto CapitalPresident Carlos Augusto de Melo
(directly elected)
RovensPresident Johann Weissman
(appointed by legislature)
Saint KildaThane ?Gingach ?
San PatricioThe Da Juan Pablo O'Gorman O'Driscoll
(appointed by legislature)
SempervirensPresident Michael Adums
Scwflag Shaelia Prime Minister Kirad Waelau
(elected from National Assembly)
SolelhadaPresident-for-Life Joan Urós
(appointed by legislature)
Prime Minister Patric Malaussèna
SomeryReeve Annideigh Lynne
(appointed by legislature)
South DignaniaPresident of the People's Revolutionary Council Oscar Valdez
UtaniaPresident Edward Hope
(directly elected)
WesmeritéLord President George BullardChancellor Sarah Jacobs
West UhlanParty Chairman Iosef Exner