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Coat of Arms of the Free Commonwealth of the Greater Burovian Realm.

Realmsprotectorates are territories under wholly foreign (non-BWA) sovereignty in the immediate strategic or cultural interest sphere of the Greater Burovian Realm.  

The BWA reserves the right to closely monitor the status of these territories, and in the event of the disintegration of the nation(s) currently holding sovereignty, in the event of great civil or other unrest or instability in the area, or in the event of an attack on said territories by third parties with the nation currently holding sovereignty unable to defend, the Realm may take appropriate actions to secure its strategic and other interests in the region; this may range from a temporary and time-limited intervention to a permanent incorporation of the respective Realmsprotectorate into the Greater Burovian Realm itself.

Realmsprotectorates are not to be confused with the Realm's Oceanic Interest Sphere, which holds a different definition, and serves a different purpose.

List of current Realmsprotectorates by continent[]

  • Delgamia
    • none currently
  • Longerath
    • Realmsprotectorate Altaigado (Alt-Aigadorenc)
  • Melania
    • Realmsprotectorate Oteagu
    • Realmsprotectorate Connugentia
    • Realmsprotectorate Joos Island
    • Realmsprotectorate Nova Luxa
    • Realmsprotectorate Wang Chung
  • Nuarmia
    • Realmsprotectorate ChungNua
    • Realmsprotectorate Djeriga
    • Realmsprotectorate Eastrovia
    • Realmsprotectorate Nixda
    • Realmsprotectorate Nwandwesi
  • Old Continent
    • Realmsprotectorate ChungChiring (Chungatirion)
    • Realmsprotectorate ChungShen (Southern Whiland)
    • Realmsprotectorate Twapaeyguey
  • Other
    • none currently