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Phenixian (Phenixien) is a language scattered around the planet Vexillium. It is spoken as the official language or one of the main languages in the following countries :

Phenixian is also taught in schools as a second language in a variety of countries, including Vingarmark, San Patricio and Somery.

Phenixian is a Liliance language (it belongs to the Liliani group). It is thought that the Stervian clans adopted very early Phenixian as a second language used for trade and litterature (after their own language, Stervian) when they colonized/conquered Phenixia, and afterwards exported it to several places, mainly where their settlement was solid and lasting.

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official plaque of the Alliance

Today's main Phenixian-speaking country is Stervia with 80% of its 91 million habitants speaking Phenixian. The Stervian Confederation maintains a network of agencies abroad, called L'Alliance culturelle et linguistique (ACL) managed by the Stervian Cultural Institute or ICS (Institut Culturel Stervien) with the aim of extending the influence and use of the Stervian culture and the Phenixian language.

The ICS has also founded a transnational organization with the same goals than the ACL, but at the governmental level : VexPhen (Alliance Phenixienne Mondiale or World Phenixian Alliance). All countries that have a significant use of Phenixian, or want to develop their ties with the Phenixian language and culture, are allowed to join. Member countries are :

Phenixian is called in Stervian feiniwiz, in Spahneesh feniziano, in Frankish Phenisch, in Coalani feingala, in Broyak e'fisa.