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Source: governmental telephone directory
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See also Estontetsan military and administrative rank system

Federal President (Bundespräsident) ♦ Secretary of State (Staatssekretär)
Superintendent and Director, Presidential Office (Bundespräsidialamt)
Spokesman[1] and Director, Media Office
Chief Organiser and Director, Ordering Office
Undersecretary and Director, Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt)
Diplomatic Corps
Bilateral Division
Embassy to the Directorate of Draconia
Draconian Border Commission
Embassy to the Republica Ensolelhada
Embassy to the Sultanate of Feniz
Embassy to the Greater Burovian Realm
Embassy to the Empire of Lysonia
Embassy to the Republic of Neoliliana
Neoliliani Border Commission
Embassy to the Kingdom of Vingarmark
Embassy to the Republic of Ancalda
Embassy to the Republic of Northern Dascunya
Embassy to the Isles of Saint Kilta
Multilateral Division
Embassy to the United Nations of Vexillium
Embassy to the Assembly for Peace in the Western Hemisphere
Embassy to the Central Longerath Union
Military Attaché and Liasion Officer, Estontetsan Military Representative
at Longerath Union Defence Alliance (LUDA)
D-E-F Treaty Branch
Service Division
Personnel and Training Branch
Languages Service
Geographic/Cartographic Service[2]
Historical Service[2]
Undersecretary and Director, Home Office
¯¯¯ Commander-in-Chief, Federal Estontetsan Constabulary
Federal Constabulary Command (Bundesgendarmeriekommando)
¯¯ Chief of Staff
¯ Personnel Branch
¯ Security Branch
¯ Command and Control Branch
Geoinformation Group
¯ Estontetsan Military Representative at Longerath Union Defence Alliance
Estontetsan Detachment, LUDA Naval Headquarters
Estontetsan Detachment, LUDA Airforce Headquarters
Estontetsan Detachment, LUDA Land Forces Headquarters
¯¯ Host Framework, LUDA Logistics and Transportation Headquarters, locality Holthausen
¯¯ State Guards
¯ Secret Service
Body Guards[1]
Commander, Ceremonial Service
attached: Ceremonial Service Unit on duty[3]
attached: Ceremonial Service Music Corps on duty[4]
¯ Factory Security Service
Esto Garnisonen.png
Frontiers Division
¯ Border Guards
8 Regiments
(D, Oespel; NN, Stockum, with a detachment specialised in mountain operations, Kley; NS, Annen; A, Hörde-on-Sea;
ND, Kirchhörde; F, Xiripiti; CS, Giribalde; CN, Barop)
Combat Units[3]
Frontier Control Units[5]
Music corps[6][4]
Constabulary Technical School, Eichlinghofen
Frontiers Division Basic Training Regiment
¯ Coast Guards
NE Squadron[7], Lapardana
E Squadron, Imbedungado
SE Squadron, Giribalde
W Squadron, Hörde-on-Sea
School Squadron, Leumund[8]
Presidential Yacht (Staatsjacht) Gregurdica, Imbedungado
Imperial now Federal Hydrographic Office IHO, Hörde-on-Sea
¯ Flying Guards
N Squadron[9], Guerunzanga
SE Squadron, Lück
SW Squadron, Annen
Transport and Liasion Squadron[10], Duceta
Training and Display Squadron, Salingen
¯ Constabulary Academy, Brünninghausen
¯¯ Police Division
¯ Air Traffic Police[11]
¯ Road Traffic Police
¯ National Park Rangers
¯ Criminal Investigation
16 ¯ District Police Yards
2-9 (each) Regional Police Yards
Regional Road Traffic Police
Regional Criminal Investigation
Regional Rangers Unit
¯¯ Emergency Response Division
¯ Fire Department
¯ Estontetsan Vexwide Emergency Response Mobile Regiment EVERMoRe, Holthausen[12]
Undersecretary and Director, Office of Economy, Business and Commerce
Federal Estontetsan Energies FEDESTEN
Estontetsan Oil ESTOLEUM
Chief Director of Industries
Estontetsan Iron combine EstIron
Estontetsan Shipyards combine FEDESHIPY
Estontetsan locomotives combine FORTH
Bauxite and Aluminium combine South Estontetso BASE
Chief Director of Transportation
Federal Estontetsan Railways FER/FEDESTRAIL
Federal Estontetsan Shipping Lines EstoShipping/FEDESTOSHLI
Federal Estontetsan Airways FEA/FEDESTAIR
Federal Estontetsan Airshipping Lines ESTONTETSO DIRIGIVEIS/FEDESTAIRSHLI[13]
Federal Estontetsan Telephone and Telegraph Lines FETTL/FEDESTELLI[14]
Communications Modernisation Institute COMMOD/FEDESTOCOMMODI
Chief Director of Agriculture
Federal Forest Director
regional Forest Directors
Undersecretary and Director, Office of Education and Science
Estontetsan Academy of Science AoS/ESTACOS
Institute of Gorami Culture INGORACU
Institute of Heraldry and Vexillology INHERVEX
Institute of History INHISTO
Institute of Surveying and Mapping INSUMA
Institute of Technology INTEC
Institute of Orderliness and Organisation INORO
Undersecretary and Director, Office for the Adaption to the Needs
of Systems Working in Evolved Realms with Knowledge
Ministry ANS WERK[15]
Division for port handling equipment
High speed railway/Occidental Express division
Autobahn division
Division for citizen radio and mobile telephony
15 Constituent Republics:
President of the Republic ♦ Secretary of the Republic
(all in all) 69 Regions:
Land Lord ♦ Regional Director
Lord Mayor ♦ City Director
Mayor ♦ Borough Director
Federal District of Duceta:
Lord Mayor of Duceta ♦ Secretary and Director of the Federal District
Zweibrücken Borough:
Lord Mayor[16] ♦ Borough Director
other Boroughs:
Borough Mayor ♦ Borough Director

(for rank levels cf. rank table):

Fed. President, Sec. of State
O-9 Chief Councillor, Chief Director, Chief Constable
O-8 Sen. (Councillor/Director) General
O-7 (Councillor/Director) General
O-6 Chief Superintendent/Engineer/Physician/Colonel
O-5/O-4 (Sen.) Superintendent/Engineer/Physician/Colonel, Jun. Admiral

  1. 1.0 1.1 of the President, the Secretary of State, and the Government
  2. 2.0 2.1 provided by Academy of Science
  3. 3.0 3.1 On a regular cycle, one of the Border Guard combat units is assigned for ceremonial service in the capital.
  4. 4.0 4.1 On a regular cycle, one of the Border Guard music corps is assigned for ceremonial service in the capital.
  5. Passport Inspection and Customs Clearance
  6. Each regiment-sized unit of the Frontiers Division has a company-sized music corps.
  7. gun boats
  8. with training sail ship
  9. fighter, reconnaissance and sea planes
  10. Vo-13 and Vo-52
  11. Air traffic control (ATC)
  12. on the railway between east and west coast
  13.  TECH: I hope that nobody will read AIRSHLI as "Ärschli" (German for something like "li'l bum")! 
  14.  TECH: no, not Vettel 
  15. in co-operation with ESTACOS/INTEC and Office of Economy, Business and Commerce/COMMOD
  16. office held by the Lord Mayor of Duceta in personal union