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Open Skies is an intergovernmental agency and airline alliance in the continents of Melania and Fiarria, comprising a codeshare agreement in select international routes, shared maintenance facilities, common airport lounges and an unified frequent flyer programme. The alliance was established on the 10th of April 321 and is overseen by the Open Skies Secretariat, a component body of the Medhinou Pact. The programme is open to all airlines based on Medhinou Pact member states that operate international flights. Local airlines, operating domestic routes within Pact member states, as well as cargo-only companies, may participate in certain Open Skies programmes via individual agreements with the full member airlines.

The Open Skies Secretariat also manages other activities related to commercial passenger and cargo air transport, such as free of charge overflight rights for member states, common safety standards and unified protocols for air accident investigation.

Member airlines[]

Associate members[]

  • Allacoa Flag 318.png AllAir
  • NorthBrolecia Flag.jpg Brolair Express
  • Kiso Flag.jpg Kiso AirSea
  • Flag OrdlandConfederation.png Ordlandic Mail and Communications
  • Flag OrdlandConfederation.png Ordlandic Regional Airlines