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Total Population 900,000
Type monotheistic
Region central Longerath

Odynism is an ancient religion that evolved in central Longerath. It is a monotheistic religion encompassing the collection of beliefs, rituals, and mythology of the creator, Odyn.


Odynism holds that there is one god, Odyn, who sent his sixteen children (the demigods) in a meteor shower. In Ancient Samuelonian mythology, his children were said to be the first King's of Samuelonia.

Odyn's grandchildren, known as guardians or angels of Odyn, had dominion over certain aspects of nature. For instance, Nathil was the guardian of the sky, sending thunder and lightning, Lanis ruled over the sea and Ordilla controlled the sun. Other deities ruled over various concept; for instance Dacias was the God of warriors and Iraccia controlled fertility.

It was believed that Odyn resided in the afterlife, along with the guardians and those who proved their valor and piety in life would be rewarded with a place in the afterlife at Odyn's side.

Zaneeth was a major off shoot and became a prominent religion in north-east Samuelonia, in which its followers worshipped Zaneethidan, the Guardian of Death and the Netherworld. Zaneethian's believed that Zaneethidan was fighting an eternal war in the afterlife against the other guardians. Odynist's believe that Zaneethidan was the bastard son of Odyn and was chosen by Odyn as the Guardian of the Netherworld, in which he would torment those who sinned in life, for eternity.


The Samuelonian's thought of themselves as highly religious, and the early Kings attributed their power to their collective piety in maintaining good relations with Odyn and the guardians. According to legendary history, most of Samuelonia's religious institutions could be traced to its founders, who were believed to be descendants of Odyn.

Every settlement in Samuelonia, no matter how large or small, was centred around a Temple, where believers would attend daily to worship Odyn and the guardians.







Iraccian Sisterhood[]

It was believed that widows who died without children were chosen by Iraccia - daughter of Zalgar and Guardian of fertility. It was said that Iraccia made chosen women barren and in return gave them enchantress powers of healing. These women became known as Iraccian Sisters and were viewed as witches or sorceresses, equally feared and respected. Iraccian sisters would live in small communities away from society in Temple Sanctuary's. Iraccian sisters gained renown for being healers and herbalists and people would travel to Iraccian Temple Sanctuary's seeking treatment for illnesses and to give birth.


The sixteen children of Odyn were said to be the first Kings of Ancient Samuelonia and the High Guardians of the afterlife. Each are depicted as having the body of a man with the head of an animal. The sixteen children were:

  • Acacian
  • Cytan
  • Delmicio
  • Galdorian
  • Haditha
  • Hagaria
  • Istan
  • Larosia
  • Lorias
  • Maldonis
  • Rakkia
  • Saldian
  • Sanatis
  • Tharadus
  • Yalintis
  • Zalgar

Other Demigods[]

  • Zaneethidan - bastard son of Odyn, Guardian of Death
  • Nathil - son of Galdorian, Guardian of the sky
  • Lanis - son of Rakkia, Guardian of the sea
  • Ordilla - daughter of Saldian, Guardian of the sun
  • Ordunna - daughter of Saldian, Guardian of the moon
  • Dacias - son of Yalintis, Guardian of warriors
  • Iraccia - daughter of Zalgar, Guardian of fertility
  • Mysh'acia - daughter of Istan, Guardian of Spring
  • Ascyvia - son of Istan, Guardian of summer
  • Naris - son of Acacian, Guardian of knowledge
  • Simthar - son of Acacian, Guardian of strength
  • Olgana - son of Cytan, Guardian of grain
  • Neeba - daughter of Delmicio, Guardian of merchants
  • Astari - son of Delmicio, Guardian of hunters