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The biggest bodies of water are called Oceans. They cover the largest part of Vexillium's surface.

The seven oceans (blue in the following table) are divided from each other by the continents and other geographic features like capes and islands (green). They are named after their geographic position or after the greatest adjacent state.

Cislendian, Futuronian and Cisgronkian Oceans are divided from their northern/southern neighbours at 45° N and 45° S, respectively.

Polaris Ocean   Ezo Tundric Ocean   North Cape
Cislendian Ocean Western Isles/Longerath Futuronian Ocean Eras (Old Continent) Cisgronkian Ocean New Vexillium
Meridic Ocean Ptica Glaciaris Ocean Svarthaedir

The Tundric Ocean was counted as part of Polaris Ocean until 301 AP.

The Meridic and the Glaciaris Oceans together form the Great Southern Ocean. However, the name Glaciaris Ocean is not being used since 301 AP while the Meridic Ocean tends to be seen as a separate entity. So the term Great Southern Ocean may only apply to the Glaciaris Ocean.