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In political geography and international politics a nation, alternativelly called a country is a geographical territory, with its own government, administration and laws, police, military, tax rules, and population, who are one another's countrymen.

The Vexillian entities normally called countries or nations are the following (in alphabetical order). Some of these may be Dormant nations.

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Sovereign nations[]

Dependent areas[]

Several nations sometimes acknolowdged as independent countries are, actually, somehow politically dependent of another one. These include:

Disputed areas[]

Some other ones are commonly not recognized as independent countries by others. They are disputed areas, rebel-held lands or other similar status. They are:

  • Many territories of the former Northern Gronk still have no centralized government structure.
  • Fort Capital, Glaciaria disputed between Namuria and Altland. (Not to be confused with the nation of Porto Capital on the continent of Melania.)
  • Theocracy of Ordland
  • The Pataki People's Republic

See also:[]

Former nations

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