Flag of the Melanian Sea Treaty Organization.

The Melanian Sea Treaty Organization, or MESTO, is a regional association of countries in the Melanian Sea area, dedicated to promoting peace through collective security, cooperation in strategic areas, free transit of people between member states and environmental protection. MESTO was founded through the signing of the Charter of the Melanian Sea Treaty Organization on the 19th of June 299 by Ordland, Brolecia, Aros, Morania, San Patricio and Eastern Delgamia.

One early reason for the forming of MESTO was the instabillity of the former Gronkian colony of Novoyoakes, in Delgamia. Following a series of referendums, portions of Novoyoakes were annexed by Aros, Brolecia and Eastern Delgamia, while the remainder of the sparselly-populated territory was organized as the condominium of Mestonia, under joint sovereignity of all MESTO powers. This arrangement was officialized through the Treaty of Puerto Bravo and the Mestonia Charter, both documents signed by the MESTO member nations on the 25th of July 299.

The People's Republic of Extremo and the Listonian Free State later joined the organization. Following the demise of Extremo and Brolecia in later 301, their seats in MESTO were taken over by their successor states: Porto Capital and Stervia.

The MESTO is governed by a Council, made up of one representative from each member state.

Although initial prospects envisioned even closer cooperation between the MESTO countries, such as the establishment of a common market, common currency (the MESTO Mark), a regional defense policy and an all-MESTO passport, regional rivalries (especially between Ordland and Morania) have prevented the organization to further evolve. Currently, the main task of the MESTO is the administration of the Mestonia condominium.

Current membersEdit