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Melania is one of the continents of Vexillium, normally grouped with Nuarmia, Delgamia, Fiarria and Maritimia as one of the so-called "new continents", or the continents of "New Vexillium".

Countries of Melania[]


  • Big Three Bay, also known as Mishard Bay, shared between Porto Capital, North Brolecia and Listonia.
  • Colophan Sea, south of Kalisth'Zira
  • Melanian Sea, located between Fiarria, Nuarmia, Melania and Delgamia.
  • Melanian Channel, separating Melania from Nuarmia.
  • Transmauré Strait, separating Melania from Fiarria.
  • Welfenian Sea, between Itiagu and Solimar.