Mauretanian is a language spoken in northern Melania by several peoples of Mounist faith and Mauretanian ethnic background.

Brought in by the Mauretanian invaders on the first few decades after The Plague, it was mostly related to Iparalaspuqui. By that time, it was the language of the bureaucracy and merchants. With increasing contact with the local population of northwestern Melania (speakers of Liliance languages like Arosian and Sanpatrician), it acquired its present form. Mauretanian had a significant impact in the formation of the modern forms the other languages in the region.

It was the official language of the Empire of Mauretania, even tought not even 10% of its overall population had it as a mother tongue, or even had any fluency on it. Over time, Phenixien came to be adopted as the language of the Mauretanian nobility, and usage of the Mauretanian language decayed. Nowadays, it is mostly spoken in the region around the Portocapitalian city of Oran (the former Imperial capital), and is also the liturgical language of the Mauretanian Mounists.

Unlike most other Liliance languages, Mauretanian is written with its own Mauretanian alphabet rather than the Liliance alphabet.

Obsolete terms for the Mauretanian language include Orabic (in Arosian, Orabique) and Pataouete.

Sample textEdit

(A poem by Asheh al'Alalaoh, 353 AP)


The same sample text, written on the Mauretanian alphabet.

Mauretanian: Sanpatrician:

Myo sidí Ibrahím
ya tu uemme dolge!
fente mib
de nohte

In non si non keris
irey-me tib
gari-me a ob

Cuánd mio sidiello vienid
¡tan buona albischara!
com rayo de sol
exid en Ouahrán

Mi señor Ibrahim,
¡oh tú, hombre dulce!
vente a mí
de noche.

Si no, si no quieres,
ireme a ti,
dime a dónde

Desde mi señor ven
¡tan buenos momentos!
como el rayo de sol
ello surge en Orán

Arosian: Ingallish:

Meu senhor Ibrâhim,
ó tu, homem doce!
venha a mim
de noite.

Senão, se não quiseres,
eu irei a ti,
diga onde

Quando meu senhor surge
tão bons momentos!
como o raio de sol
ele surge em Oran

My lord Ibrahim
oh you sweet man!
Come to me
at night.

If not, if you don't want to,
I will go to you,
tell me where
to meet you.

When my lord comes
what glad tidings!
like a ray of sunlight
he rises in Oran

[TECH: Mauretanian is the Vex-equivalent to the Mozarabic language. Some material on this page was taken from the Wikipedia article on Mozarabic and from Orbis Latinus. ]
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