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Maurestani Mounism is the form of Mounism predominant in Melania and the other New Continents.


Mounism was first introduced to the Iparalaspuqui, probably, by traders from present-day St Samuel a couple of centuries before the Plague. Their form of belief is what we now know as Sunnyah Mounism. Just after the Plague, some Iparalaspuqui settled in Feniz (where their Sunnyah developed into Fenizic Mounism) and in Northern Melania, where they founded the Empire of Maurestania.

The native cultures of Northern Melania were not assimilated by the invaders. Instead, they incorpored Iparalaspuqui elements, and a new, unique Maurestani culture began to take form. The same thing happened with religion: As the new Maurestani Empire was being formed, it became a land of religious freedom, where all faiths could coexist peacefully.

Maurestani Mounism, thus, is a form of Mounism with several syncretic elements of the Extreman folklore, and Cruisan and Mezapatist faiths.


  • Maurestani Mounists follow the sacred books of Sunnyah Mounism: the Holy Book and the Sunnah, plus the Fenizics' Holy Book of Moun and the Inspired Book of Moun.
  • There is one god Alá and his final major prophet Omar al-Qurashi. Several heroes of the Extreman folklore, such as chief Ashneverí, are also honored, as are the Cruisan saints.
  • Moun means all. Moun is the reality of things - the concept of an absolute, unconditional reality which transcends limited, conditional, everyday existence. The concept of Moun is represented by a crescent moon. [TECH: Compare with the Budhist and Hindu views of Brahma and Vishnu, for instance.]
  • Man came to Vexillium on one large caravel from the heavens. (Some new-waveish interpretations of Mounism consider this caravel to be a spaceship.) [TECH: The spaceship was explicitely refered to on a 1997 post by Vicent Herelle, the original Maurestani player.]
  • The Emperor of Maurestania is the Caliph, the worldwide leader of Maurestani Mounists. His mission is to guide man on a better interpretation of the sacred books. That does not make him an object of veneration, however.
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