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The Lyson Empire
Conventional short name:
 Local: Lysonia
 Ingallish: Lysonia
Data codes: TLE, LYS
Flag of the Empire
Empire of Lysonia
 Official: Lysonian
 Others: Ingallish
 Capital: Crystal City
 Other: Vok, Miew, Golton
Government type: Absolute Monarchy
Monarch: Vesha Nek
Area: na
Population: 579,945,528 Lysonians
Established: 305
Currency: Royal
Organizations: NATA,Crown Aliance

Lysonia (officially, the Lyson Empire) is a country located in northern Eras. A successor of the former Cooperative Commonwealth of the Union of Northern Gronk, it borders the Greater Zartanian Empire, Severnaya, the People's Republic of Gronk, the Federal Republic of Whiland, and some still non-consolidated former Gronkian territories.


The government is run by three branches of the government that is under direct control of the ruling monarch. The branches are the Imperial Council, The Consortium, and the Assembly. The Assembly is the most recent addition to the political body as it was the Empire’s attempt to bring democracy to the people. Assemblymen are elected based on popular vote and they are lead by the Baron-At-Large who is elected every four years.

Administrative Divisions[]

Ministery of Finance Ministry of the Armed Forces Ministry of the Interior Ministry of Relations Ministry of Intelligence


Before the Great Plague, Lysonians roamed much of the ancient continent of Eras. The first Lyson Empire was established around 240bp, which expanded, shrunk, and then was finally destroyed by the plague. Since 20ap, Lysonia has been held as a vassal state by nations that arose near their old borders.

Lysonians continued to keep to themselves being an “odd” culture on the coasts of the North Gronkian Sea which paid it’s tribute and remained uninterested in reclaiming their old lands…or so their overlords thought.

October 304ap the Empire, under Empress Vesha Nek, launched an assault on the collapsed territory that became known the Imperial Revolution. Seizing the majority of the sea assets, the capital city Golton, and most of the military assets, The new empress declared herself ruler of all the former territories and disbanded the fledgling Golton Commonwealth.

This invasion was met with surprise and disdain by the surviving government of the Union of Northern Gronk and they begun the Lysonian Civil War. With its defeat in late 305, the Empire has continued to expand its influence in the markets and political on the stage making allies of nations that believe as she does.

The ancient empire was back and this time they plan to stay.


The empire is divided between the northern part of the nation that is filled with lush evergreen trees and a average 77 degrees Fareinheit in the summer and the southern region below the mountain range that is desert.

National Symbols[]

Flags of Lysonia


  • Economic Complexity Index: 5 (5.11342)
  • GDP: 3.61
  • Imports: Petrol(40%),Oil(20%),Electronic parts(10%), coal(30%)
  • Export: Automobile parts(20%), wood(40%), precious metals(15%), fine domestic jewelry(20%), glass(5%)


Besides the minor dialects of the area, the major spoken languages are Lysonian and Gronkian.

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