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Drekanian Empire
Kingdom of Anglyodascunya
Conventional short name:
 Local: Drekanian Empire
 Ingallish: Drekanian Empire
Flag of the Drekanian Empire
 Official: Ingallish
 Others: Lillian
 Capital: St Hughes
 Other: Lagod, Rossina
Government type: monarchy
Established: 452BP
Succeeded by: Angliyaaflag Angliya
Flag-FSD-1- Dascunya
StSamuelFlag Samuelonia
Flag-trinia Trinia
Sck1 Solánçe
Flag-solelhada Solelhada

The Drekanian Empire or the Kingdom of Anglyodascunya was an Empire founded by William V of Dascunya of House Klerengard and Catherin of Angliya, of House of Volantia, in southern Longerath in 452 BP, creating a unified state spanning from Estontetso to the southernmost tip of the continent. The Drekanian Empire collapsed during the Longerathian Wars around 156 BP.

History of Anglyodascunya[]

See History of Anglyodascunya

Kings of Anglyodascunya[]

House of Klerengard[]

House of Saxonburg[]

  • Edwin II of Anglyodascunya, 276 - 261 BP
  • Aethelstan I of Anglyodascunya, 261 - 216 BP
  • Henry I of Anglyodascunya, 216 - 183 BP
  • Isaac II of Anglyodascunya, 183 - 181 BP
  • Arthur II of Anglyodascunya, 181 - 173 BP
  • Henry II of Anglyodascunya, 173 - 131 BP