The International Basketball Association of Vexillium, also known by the acronym IBAV, is the international governing board for the sport of basketball. IBAV defines the international rules of basketball and organizes all tournments between national teams.

The organization, based on the Portocapitalian city of Belo Quinto, was founded on the year 306. During its first eleven years, IBAV ran and supported several amateur and semi-professional tournments in Porto Capital, including co-organizing the basketball tournment at the 309 Summer Vexgames. On the 1st of January 318, IBAV officially petitioned for recognition from the International Vexilliadic Committee and all national basketball boards of Vexillium.


National teamsEdit

The member teams of IBAV are divided in three tiers or groups, based on their performance during the previous year's tournments. Participation in certain tournments depends on being a part of tiers one or two. Tier three nations participate only in friendly matches.

Tier OneEdit

Tier TwoEdit

Tier ThreeEdit

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