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The Hochlandic Football Association is the governing body of football in Western Hochland. It is based in the capital, Amsterhaven. The HFA organises the Hochlandic First, Second and Third Divisions, which between them contain 42 clubs. It also organises the Hochlandic Women's League and the men's and women's Hochlandic Cups, as well as the Western Hochland national football team.

The HFA was established in 231 as a sub-association within the Football Association of Dascunya. In 316 the HFA became an International Vexillium Football Association member

Former player Degan Salmanstein has served as the HFA's president since 316.

National League[]

Hochlandic First Division[]

  • Jezen United
  • FC Soussane
  • Sumerbach FC
  • FC Amsterhaven
  • Friksburg City
  • FC Nordenhammer
  • West Draccanheim FC
  • Altlandberg FC
  • Lindelburg City
  • Tyranden ASC
  • Kleinsdorf FC
  • Sporting Wilfholm FC
  • Symsfell & Esterbrag FC
  • Leifbergen FC

Hochlandic Second Division[]

Hochlandic Third Division[]