Relations between the new Kingdoms of Samuelonia, Dascunya and Uestadenia remained strong in the early years after independence from the Liliani Empire, but had deteriorated by 700 BP. A number of minor conflicts were fought between Uestadenia and Samuelonia which became known as the Alpitessian War.

King Omar V of Samuelonia sought an alliance with Angliya in a bid to act as a deterrent from further Usetadenian aggression.

The marriage of the Ançaldascunyan king Alexander I further enlarged his holdings by marriage to Lorenza of Uestadenia and created a strong Kingdom to the north of Samuelonia. The region of Anasta, at the time was occupied by Samuelonia, but was strongly contested by Uestadenia, who claimed the territory was part of there lands. By 510 BP relations between the Kingdom of Ançaldascunya and Samuelonia broke down altogether when King Alexander invaded Anasta.

King Henry of Samuelonia, fearing outright war with Ançaldascunya, ceded Anasta to the Kingdom of Ançaldascunyan. Henry sought to confirm the alliance with Angliya in 508 BP and an agreement was brokered, whereby Samuelonia would become a Vassal state of Angliya. Crown Prince Edward of Samuelonia married Princess Anne of Angliya in a further sign of unification between the two Kingdoms. The alliance between Samuelonia and Angliya prevented the threat of any possible invasion by the Ançaldascunyan's.

Drekanian EmpireEdit

The security of Samuelonia was guaranteed when the Drekanian Empire was formed in 452BP, an alliance formed between Angliya and Dascunya.