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Updated and current Coat of Arms of the Greater Burovian Realm, featuring the national flags of all 28 RealmsDominions

Outdated Coat of Arms of the Free Commonwealth of the Greater Burovian Realm. Featuring some outdated Dominion names and flag. From left to right: Westria, Ras Lanarch, Niokolo Koba, Oost-Otago, Sanx, Baben Bay, Polaria, Kasvria & Savarai, Uudangwuu, Westrian Glaciaria, Kongren Republic, Solanchatka, Lombriga, Kalesthesia, Deucoland, and Chungxipang.

The Free Commonwealth of the Greater Burovian Realm, also known as Greater Burovian Realm, Burovian Realm, Burovia or simply The Realm is a community of 28 Dominions (Nations) of Vexillium under the joint administration of the BWA, being governed under the ideology of Burovianism. The Realm consists of two SubRealms, the Greater Chungese Realm, and the International Realm of Nations (IRON).

The capital city of the Realm is Surina, ChungXiang, although after the destruction of the BWA HQ, many RealmsGovernment functions have temporarily been moved to Aurelius, Westria. A new RealmsCapital/BWA HQ Complex is under construction in Surina. A secondary HQ has recently been established in the city of Kerosa (Lokerona, Westria Annex).

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