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Golton Commonwealth
Conventional short name:
 Local: Golton
 Ingallish: Golton
Flag of the Commonwealth
Golton Commonwealth
 Official: Gronkian
 Others: Ingallish
 Capital: Golton
 Other: {{{other}}}
Government type: Communism
Premier: Karl Klediliski
Area: na
Population: 40,310,000 Goltonians
Established: 298
Currency: Psik
Organizations: None

The Golton Commonwealth was a country that existed for six years formed by the survivors from the collapse of the Cooperative Commonwealth of the Union of Northern Gronk. It was an attempt to keep the communist ideology of their past government enforced.

298ap to 300ap[]

Stepping in to the power vaccuum, Han Vindaski became the first premier spending his time trying to solidify his power base and rebuilding his military in the face of social unrest and economic collapse. His primary goals were to make Golton the stronghold of the new country and then allow the influence to spread to neighboring cities. This would solidify his border and set the new boundries of the nation.

300ap to 304ap[]

The great strides of Premier Vindaski were not long to last as the ruling party felt that Karl Klediliski would be better and bringing the ever growing social unrest back in line. The problem became that Klediliski was more interested in his own comfort than that of the nation.

His lack of focus allowed the military to not be fully funded and in the end open itself up to a rebellion on the inside.

In the end, his mis management allowed the rise of Empire of Lysonia and the collapse of his nation.