Glidenport-Velémont is a one-day professional bicycle road race in south-west Samuelonia, starting in Gildenport and finishing on the Trinian frontier. From its beginning in 206 until 314, the event was an amateur race. Famous for rough terrain and cobblestones, it is one of the 'Monuments' or classics of the cycling calendar, and contributes points towards the UVCI Ranking. It has been called the Hell of the South and a Sunday in Hell. The race is held annually in mid-April.



The peloton approaching the final stage at Velémont

The 315 Gildenport-Velémont was the 1st edition of the Pro UVCI one day classic stage race. It took place on 12 April with a distance of 253.5 kilometres (157.5 mi). The first 100 km were virtually flat and quiet, before the riders hit the 27 cobbled sections that total 52.7 kilometres (32.7 mi), the hardest being the Yelwood Forest, Montpaladin and Haldenmark. The last 750m are in the velodrome in Velémont.


Cyclist Team Time UVCI
1 Kands Kasvrisavarsk - Istvan Vernic KasSavia 5h 49' 51" 100
2 StSamuelFlag Samuelonia - Franc Ordencourt Red Buffalo Racing s.t. 80
3 Bomern flag Bomern - Hans Janksen Team MDN s.t. 70
4 Angliyaaflag Angliya - Lendington Korstock Lorica-Blueside s.t. 60
5 Sck1 Solançe - Emil Rothelia Blue Ox Energy Drink s.t. 50
6 Westria Westria - Morton Buffinger Hillel Düsken s.t. 40
7 Utania Utania - Rob Swan Red Buffalo Racing + 7" 30
8 Wz civil Western Zartania - Calael Avadur Team ZBC - Tophat + 28" 20
9 Sck1 Solançe - Derek Demichaude Credit Santrop + 29" 10
10 Sck1 Solançe - Luc Mercél Omonia Samsarini + 31" 4