General Ronaldo Van De Luxor
Prime Minister of the United Federal Kingdom of Saint Samuel
Prime Minister 184AP-196AP
Deputy Lord Luigi De San Antonian
Preceded by N/A
Succeeded by Lord Luigi De San Antonian
Born August 4, 119
Died December 2, 215
Resting Place Cathedral of Francisco, High Samuelonia
Nationality Samuelonian
Political Party Orthodox Democrat Party
Spouse Isabella Van De Luxor
Children Vittorio

General Ronaldo Van De Luxor (August 4, 119 – December 2, 215) was an Samuelonian military and political figure. In his twenties, he joined the Royal St. Samuel King's Guard and during a 44 year-long military career, reached the rank of Grande General in the Royal Army of St. Samuel. After having gained fame and glory in the Civil War of Saint Samuel, he entered the world of politics, founding the Orthodox Democrat Party of Samuelonia and in 184AP was elected to become the very first Prime Minister of St. Samuel

He was dubbed the "Angel of Samuelonia" in tribute to his military expeditions and political endeavors. He is considered a Samuelonian national hero.


Statue of General Ronaldo Van De Luxor in Francisco, High Samuelonia