Voqeqalle Gen'eg
Conventional short name:
 Local: Gen
 Ingallish: Gen
Data codes: gn, GEN
Flag of the Duchy of Gen
 Official: Gen, Ingallish
 Others: Kencari, ...
 Capital: Gen
 Other: Iddor, Qaetteret, Solva, Ovaen
Government type: duchy
Duke: Tober-Bas Aag (since 316)
First Minister: Elleri Sootis (since 316)
Population: 625,700 Gen, Gennic, Gennish
Established: Gained independence 316 AP
Currency: Ooris
Organizations: UNV, SUECS

The Duchy of Gen (Gen: Voqeqalle Gen'eg) is a small country in Central Smalik bordering the Lectern of United Kencari Peoples, the Republic of Flovaigne, and the Republic of Davenport. Of the six countries represented on the ICSA website it is the only one in which the indigenous population, the Gen, largely outnumber the Ingallish or any other people, although the numbers of Gen and Ingallish are closer to each other in the Duchy's capital.

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