The Four Rules of God (Mauretanian: Arbá Égras al'Alá) are a set of guidelines for religious tolerance created by the Empire of Mauretania and enforced through its domains. Historically, a religious sect could only be tolerated by the Imperial Government if it accepted these Four Rules:

  • No aggressivity against any other religion;
  • No aggressive recruitment or proselytism;
  • No aggression against the moral rules of the majority of belivers from all the religions;
  • No incitation to civil disorder.

Nowadays, the Four Rules are adopted with some adaptations by Porto Capital (the historical corelands of Mauretania), Afrazure Altlandique (part of the former Mauretanian colony of Afrazure) and Caledon (during a short period, a joint Mauretanian-Afrazurean colony).

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