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Status and History[]

Most people in north Feniz (Al'Jumu-Ria) are of Mounist belief, brought to the country by the Iparalaspuqui.

Mounist Leader and Leadership[]

Mounist leader is His Holiness the Caliph Neer'Too-Gott.


The Holy Book of Moun (Ed'Moun-i) is being preserved at the New Mosque, Fenizabad. [TECH: Ed'Moun-i, of course, is a hint to our esteemed Planet Master Edward Mooney.]

The teachings of the Caliph are published in the Inspired Book of Moun.


Every year, a month of religious worship and meditation called "Urlaub" is proclaimed by the Caliph. During the Urlaub period, all public activities come to a standstill. In 305, a perpetual Urlaub has been proclaimed the end of which is not defined.