Flag of the Mauretanian Empire.


Flag of Ordland. Both flags are flown officially in the Protectorate.

The Empire of Mauretania under Ordlandic Protection - alternativelly called the Ordlandic Protectorate, Ordlandic Mauretania or the Mauretanian Remnants - is the last and current stage of the Empire of Mauretania, established on the 17th of April 299. Following the series of economic recessions of the 280s and 290s and the eruption of rebel movements which occurred across the Empire in April 299, the Emperor of Mauretania appealed to the neighbouring country of Ordland to intervene and establish a protectorate over Mauretania. Following the Ordlandic-Mauretanian defeat on the Mauretanian War and the redrawing of the borders in Northern Melania that resulted of the 3rd of June referendums, the Ordlandic Protectorate was reduced to the non-contiguous territories of Mauré, Nova Luxa and Joos.

Despite attempts to re-annex parts of Brolecia and Extremo in the year 300, the borders of the Ordlandic Protectorate remained unchanged until January 301, when the newly-formed People's Republic of Porto Capital ceded the city of Costa da Prata following a referendum.

Current StatusEdit

Even though, de jure, the Empire of Mauretania continues to exist as an independent nation, with Ordland only administering the old Empire's foreign and military affairs, the situation de facto is much different. Mauré (combined to the Costa da Prata territory) and Joos are administred as overseas provinces of Ordland, while Nova Luxa is essentially ruled as a constitutional monarchy under the House of Sergio, formely vassals to the Emperor of Mauretania. A referendum in Mauré on January 300 would have given more autonomy for the region, but the proposal was voted down.

Most of the old Mauretanian nobility currently resides within the Mauré territory. The Emperor himself, meanwhile, apart from serving as cerimonial head of state of the Protectorate, continues to head the Caliphate (the worldwide leadership of Mauretanian Mounism) with his court from the Ordlandic capital of Newton.

Originally made of remnants of the rump Imperial Mauretanian Army, the Mauretanian Expeditionary Force serves as the military of the Protectorate. It is headed by Ordlandic officers and volunteer men and women from Joos, Nova Luxa, Mauré and Costa da Prata, while ultimately answering to the government of Ordland.

Nova Luxa and Joos, since 299, have been claimed by the independent republic of San Patricio. Starting on December 313, the same territories have been claimed as well by the nearby Burovian dominion of Uudangwuu, although no actions have been taken to assert those claims. The island of Joos has also been claimed in the late-290s by Morania.

Map Ordlandic Protectorate

Current map of the different components of the Ordlandic Protectorate, in relation to Ordland and the rest of former Mauretania.

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