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His Imperial Majesty, The Emperor of Maurestania (Maurestani: al'Imperijator al'Maurestanija) was the ruler of the Empire of Maurestania, a nation which existed for 258 years (42 - 298 aP) in Northern Melania. Nowadays, the Emperor exercises the Caliphate, the worldwide leadership of the Maurestani sect of Mounism.

Custom dictates that people must refer to the reigning Emperor simply as al'Imperijator (The Emperor), and his name is never mentioned in the media. Deceased or abdicating Emperors are referred to by the order in which they reigned: the second Emperor is known as His Imperial Majesty, The IInd Emperor of Maurestania.

The current (XIXth) Emperor has been reigning since 288 aP, and currently heads his Caliphate from Newton, Ordland.

List of Emperors of Maurestania[]

Name Ruled Official portrait Other information
Osmanli, His Imperial Majesty, The Ist Emperor 42 - 72 Picture Caliph (chief) of the Maurestani clan of the Iparalaspuqui, led the conquest of Northern Melania starting on the year 40. Proclaimed the establishment of the Empire in 42 and the.
His Imperial Majesty, The IInd Emperor 72 - 80 Picture Started the tradition of not using a regnal name, out of respect for The First Emperor
His Imperial Majesty, The IIIrd Emperor 80 - 91 Picture
His Imperial Majesty, The IVth Emperor 91 - 99 Picture On the Fourth Emperor's reign, the Office of Colonial Affairs was founded.
His Imperial Majesty, The Vth Emperor 99 - 112 Picture
His Imperial Majesty, The VIth Emperor 112 - 131 Mauretania 6thEmperor.jpg
His Imperial Majesty, The VIIth Emperor 131 - 132 Mauretania 7thEmperor.jpg Shortest-reigning emperor.
His Imperial Majesty, The VIIIth Emperor 132 - 145 Picture
His Imperial Majesty, The IXth Emperor 145 - 166 Picture
His Imperial Majesty, the Xth Emperor 166 - 178 Picture Emperor during the Maurestani-Afrazurean War of 173-176.
His Imperial Majesty, the XIth Emperor 178 - 189 Picture
His Imperial Majesty, the XIIth Emperor 189 - 203 Mauretania 12thEmperor.jpg Emperor during the three Trails of Blood.
His Imperial Majesty, the XIIIth Emperor 203 - 215 Picture
His Imperial Majesty, the XIVth Emperor 215 - 221 Picture
His Imperial Majesty, the XVth Emperor 221 - 233 Picture Abolished absolute monarchy in 226 following the July Compromises, while reforming the colonial regime in Afrazure.
His Imperial Majesty, the XVIth Emperor 233 - 249 Mauretania 16thEmperor.jpg
His Imperial Majesty, the XVIIth Emperor 249 - 281 Mauretania 18thEmperor.jpg At 32 years, the longest-reigning monarch. Ruled during the conservative period and gave the military free hand to establish the junta government of 266.
His Imperial Majesty, the XVIIIth Emperor 281 - 288 Mauretania XVIIIthEmperor.jpg
His Imperial Majesty, the XIXth Emperor 288 - Present Emperor-of-mauretania.png The current emperor, last monarch of Independent Maurestani. Currently heading the Empire of Maurestania under Ordlandic Protection and the Caliphate from Newton, Ordland.

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