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Emethitism is a monotheistic religion that originated and spread far in Eras, but has since been largely overtaken by Cruisianism, which claims to have subsumed Emethitism, a statement hotly rejected by Emethites.

Overview: There is one God who created everything.

Deity: Without name. In response to the question "So, who shall I say is calling?", the Creator simply responded "I am who I am", meaning there isn't anyone else who could be referred to as Creator. Some, particularly in the Cruisian religion, have since taken that to BE God's name.

Holy Books: The Book of the Emethites, a series of books documenting the traditions, history and religious obligations of the people.

Salvation: ...

Worshippers: Emethites, sometimes also called Followers of the Book. Known as Federists in Altland

Core Teachings: ...

The Afterlife: Ambiguous, but over the past two thousand years, more solid concepts of an afterlife have evolved. There is an afterlife and the grave.