—  Administrative Capital & City  —
City of Ellihammer
The city of Ellihammer
Nickname(s): City of Ice
Location of Ellihammer in Samuelonia
Province Saint Leo
Founded XXXX
Incorporation XXXX
 - Mayor Lord Harlow Wingcourt
 - Total 668,995
 - Demonym Ellionian
Time zone XXX (UTC+1)
 - Summer (DST) XXX (UTC+0)
Area code(s) XXX
Major airport Ellihammer International Airport

Ellihammer is a city and provincial capital of the Saint Leo province, Samuelonia. As of 314, the population of Ellihammer was 668,996.




Ellihammer is located in the northern region of the Saint Leo province, on the southern side of the Black Mountain range.

Ellihammer has an area of 25.8 square kilometers. Of this area, 11.6% is used for agricultural purposes, while 25.8% is forested. Of the rest of the land, 60.4% is settled (buildings or roads) and the remainder (2.2%) is non-productive (rivers, glaciers or mountains).

In a recent land survey, 25.9% of the total land area was forested. Of the agricultural land, 10.64% is used for farming or pastures, while 0.95% is used for orchards or vine crops. Of the settled areas, 33.19% is covered with buildings, 1.71% is industrial, 0.89% is classed as special developments, 8.04% is parks or greenbelts and 16.53% is transportation infrastructure. Of the unproductive areas, 0.51% is unproductive standing water (ponds or lakes), 1.01% is unproductive flowing water (rivers) and 0.63% is other unproductive land.


The energy drinks company Red Buffalo has it's head quarters located in Ellihammer, where it employs around 4,000 people.


Ellihammer has a population of 668,996. As of 314, 19.0% of the population was made up of foreign nationals. Over the last 10 years the population has grown at a rate of 1.2%. Most of the population (as of 310) speak Ingallish (84.5%), with Fränckish being second most common (2.7%) and Phénixien being third (2.5%).

In Ellihammer about 73.6% of the population (between age 25–64) have completed either upper secondary education or additional higher education.

As of 310, 83.7% of the population describe themselves as being of Samuelonian origin, with Angliyan (6.3%) and Trinian (2.3%) being the second and third largest minorities.


The city is home to a number of football clubs, with the most successful being Ellihammer City FC, who currently play in the Royal Premier Division of Samuelonia.

In 308, Red Buffalo started the 'Red Buffalo Winter Games,' which has become an annual event in Ellihammer, covering a whole range of winter sports. The city has a large number of winter sports venues.

Ellihammer Warriors are one of Samuelonia's most successful ice hockey clubs.

In 314 Ellihammer was chosen as the starting point for stage 6 of the 314 Tour of Samuelonia.