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The Duke of Joos is an office first established upon the conquest of the island of Joos by the expanding Maurestani Empire, in 70AP. Prior to that, Joos was ruled from 128BP until 70AP by the governors of Samuelonia's Gius Island colony.

Under the Empire of Maurestania, the Duchy of Joos had varying degrees of autonomy, despite being officially a part of the Province of Zab, ruled from Nova Luxa. Most of the Dukes were from local noble houses.

Name Dinasty Ruled Official portrait Other information
Ali al'Kaseriman 70AP - 76AP Maurestanian general, imposed by Osmanli, the first Emperor of Maurestania.
Giustiniano I di Sabbazio 76AP - 98AP First local-born Duke.
Giustiniano II di Sabbazio 98AP - 107AP Son of Giustiniano I. Died without issue. Ducal crown passes to the House of Gonzaga.
Leo Gonzaga 107AP - 125AP
Samuele Gonzaga 125AP - 152AP
Gandolfo I Gonzaga 152AP - 170AP
Martino Gonzaga 170AP - 172AP Died without male issue. Crown passes to a cadet branch of the House of Gonzaga.
Paola Gonzaga-Bracho 172AP - 199AP Dona Paola di Gonzaga, Duchessa di Giuzza.png Cousin of the previous duke, Don Martino. First - and, so far, only - Duchess of Joos.
Gandolfo II Gonzaga-Bracho 199AP Crowned on the 20th of October, poisoned on the 25th of October. Crown passes to House di Fiume.
Benedetto I di Fiume 199AP - 227AP First Duke of House di Fiume.
Urbano di Fiume 227AP - 232AP
Benedetto II di Fiume 232AP - 265AP
Benedetto III di Fiume 265AP - 271AP Died without issue. Crown passes to the House of Villagrán.
Francesco di Villagrán 271AP - 279AP First duke of the Villagrán dinasty
Giovanni Paolo di Villagrán 279AP - 291AP
Innocenzo di Villagrán 291AP - 300AP Duke during the Maurestani War. Died without issue. Succession crisis leads to Ordland imposing their own candidate.
John Glideswell-Oliveira 300AP - 301AP Don John Glideswell-Oliveira, Duca di Giuzza.png Orlandic-born marshall of the Maurestani Expeditionary Force. Imposed by Ordland following the death of Don Innocenzo. Abdicated on the 7th of February 301, following the Ordlandic response to the 301 Nova Luxa bombing.
Giuseppe di Villagrán 301AP - 316AP Don Giuseppe di Villagrán, Duca di Giuzza.png Assumed the throne on the 8th of February 301. Second-cousin to Don Innocenzo. Died of a heart failure on the 11th of November 316.
Federico di Villagrán since 316AP Don Federico di Villagrán, Duca di Giuzza.png Assumed the ducal crown on the 12th of November 316. A lieutenant-commander of the Maurestani Expeditionary Force and strong advocate for increased autonomy for Joos.