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In geopolitics, a dormant nation is a state which has, for one reason or another, chosen to close itself to contact with the outside world. Because of this, little to nothing is known about the present state of these nations.

A dormant nation is often messed with the somewhat different concept of former nation.

[TECH: In other words: They're those nations that were long abandoned by their players, but which haven't been picked up by newcomers yet.]

The only source of information left about these countries, most of the time, are their websites. Below, a list of such pages - some found on the web, others cached on the Internet Archive. Use of these resources for crafting a Wikivex article is a good thing.

Some information on dormant nations is saved here.

The Fenizic ISP Vexilli.Net offers webspace for anyone wanting to upload his saved or mirrored data.