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In the Kingdom of Westdenia the predominant religion is Papaist Cruisanism.

History of Cruisanism in Westdenia[]

Saint Marco[]

The apostle Marco's time in Westdenia is described in the Book of Saint Marco. Tradition holds that the church was founded by its patrons Saint Marco the Apostle and Saint Sophia, an Odynist Iraccian Sister that was converted to Cruisanism.

Cruisian legend documents that the apostle Marco, travelled through Liliana and central Longerath, but found the lands too corrupt and degenerate and therefore moved onwards, travelling to the newer colonies on Lendia and establishing a church. Prior to landing in Lendia, Marco was said to have arrived in Uestadegnium around 1345 BP. Marco and his followers came to the attention of the authorities whilst in Zavandean and were arrested on the charge of being heretics. Whilst Emperor Constantinus had made Cruisanism the official religion of the Lilian Empire in the 15th century, Odynism was still the prevalent religion in Uestadegnium and religious persecution towards Cruisian's was still common place in the outer Empire.

The group of Crusian missionaries were found guilty of being heretics and sentenced to death by fire. On the eve of their execution, a group of locals who claimed to have witnessed Marco cure a man from blindness broke into the prison and escaped the city with Marco and his fellow missionaries. The band of locals carried the missionaries, who had been badly beaten and tortured to the west, to the Arynguard Temple Sanctuary of the Iraccian Sisterhood. The Temple Sanctuary was an Iraccian Sisterhood sanctuary where locals would bring their sick and pregnant family members. Sister Sophia the Grey, the senior Sister of the Temple agreed to treat the missionaries in secrecy.

There the sisters are said to have treated Marco, who was close to death. The five men who had helped the missionaries escape became known as the 'Zavandean Five,' remained at the Temple Sanctuary whilst the Liliani army searched for the group of heretics. However, due to the fear of the Iraccian Sisterhood in society, no military commander would lead a search on any Iraccian Temple Sanctuary.

Around 100 locals in Zavandean, including family members of the Zavandean Five were rounded up and executed on charges of assisting in the escape of the heretics. After six months of healing, Marco was well enough to travel and the Sisters of Arynguard assisted the missionaries and the Zavandean Five onto a ship run by Lendian smugglers, who agreed to provide transport to Lendia for the missionaries.

It is said that the Sisters of Arynguard embraced Cruisianty after listening to the teachings of Marco and that the Arynguard Temple Sanctuary of the Sisterhood became a secret Church and refuge for persecuted Cruisians. Marco is said to have gifted the Arynguard Sisters his Rosary which the Sisters safely stored at the Temple Sanctuary along with the bloodstained bandages that had been used to treat Marco. The Rosary of Saint Marco and Bandages of Saint Marco later became to of the most famous Holy relics in Papaist Crusianism and are now displayed at Adenmar Cathedral.

Edmund Black, the leader of Zavandean Five returned to the Arynguard Temple Sanctuary ten years later, after staying with Marco in Lendia and learning the ways of Cruisanism. Edmund became the first Priest of the Arynguard Temple Sanctuary, which would later come to be known as the Arynguard Church of the Sacred Cross of Cruis, the first and oldest Papaist Church in Westdenia]].

As Cruisanism grew in Uestadegnium, so did the religous persecution. Many Odynist converts to Cruisanism were murdered or forced into exile.