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Cruisianism is a monotheistic religion, that is arguably the dominant religion of Vexillium. It originated in Cruisana, but has its roots in the Emethitic traditions of Eras.

Overview: There is one God who predates creation, and though words that God created everything. He is supreme. Having watched humanity's latterly-inherent evil destroy that creation, the creator has warned of creation's forthcoming destruction and replacement with one untainted by evil.

Deity: Without name, though his human incarnation is known as Cruis.

Holy Books: The Good Book, comprised of the life and teachings of Cruis, and the old books inherited from the Emethites.

Salvation: Recompence of each man's evil has been paid by the self-sacrifice of Cruis, but all are required to call on His Name to be saved. Thereafter, the presence of the Spirit of Cruis inhabits the redeemed, freeing them from evil's grasp.

Worshippers: Cruisians.

Core Teachings: Self-sacrificing love, known to many as Agape (ah-GAH-pay).

The Afterlife: Heaven or Paradise, a place of complete peace and tranquility, awaits those who have call on Cruis for salvation. Conversely, Hell, reserved for those who have rejected Cruis, is ambiguous and variaous traditions have their own interpretation ranging from liberal thoughts of its non-existence, to an ultimate obliteration of the soul, to an eternal torment of the damned, sometimes including lurid descriptions of eternal flames and various tortures by malevolent demons. Many such descriptions are rejected by more traditional Cruisian groups.

Schisms, denominations, sects[]

Church of Cruis[]

Recognising the Archbishop of Cruishaven

  • Church of Cruisana (Cruisana)
    • Church of Armenar and Ezana (Trinia)
    • Free Church of Lendia (Lendosa)
    • Wesmerian Church of Cruis (Wesmerité)
    • Church of Cruis Samuelonia
    • Synod of the Free Church (Listonian Free State)

"closely related"


Recognising the Pope in Gloria Libertatis


Recognising the Patriarch of Ulana

Not recognising

  • Orthodox Church of Bowdani (parts of ex-Bowdani: LUKP, Coare, Western Shore, Bëltse, Vaara, Gen, Tak, ...)
  • Zbirna Solianka (Feniz)

No alignment[]