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In 1200 BP, Liliani saw that the extensive territories of Dascugnium and Uestadegnium were difficult to control and abolished the provinces and divided the territory into smaller counties. Dascugnium was divided into eight counties: Vilina, Ystria, Odeland, Devrognia, Gardmoor, Klerengard, Ockenham and Angialda. Uestadegnium was divided into three counties: Zorriaga, Adnemar and Fluvis.

On 8 April 1200 BP, all the noble families of Dascugnium and Uestadegnium were called to Drekan for the Council of Nobility, where Senator Severus Amma Diacius officially created the titles of the Dascugnium and Uestadegnium Count's, with all the counts having to swear allegiance to the Emperor of Liliani.

Gaius Tallicius was elected as Governor of Dascugnium and Quintus Calpriccia Governor of Uestadegnium. It was hoped that be reorganising the territories and giving more power of self rule to the local nobility, there would be less defiance towards the Empire. Each Count was required to collect tax and provide manpower to the Liliani Governor but were allowed to set there own laws and rules, as long as they were compatible with Liliani laws.

Religious power was also increased with each County become a Diocese and electing an Archbishop. Each lower County elected its own Bishop.

County of Odeland[]

Odion Freemont was elected as the High Count of Odeland, which consisted of the lands of modern day Rossiniaholm, Northern Solianah, Southern Solianah, Cruisholm, Mansterberg, Dragarholm, Lakeland, Rosevale, Falgard, Holstinberg and Ninvernia. High Count Freemont elected 13 of his closest allies and powerful families in the region to the office of Count.

Territory Noble House
Rossiniaholm House Freemont
Southern Solianah House Redbourne
Northern Solianah House Freshton
Cruisholm House Vinter
Lakeland House Bayben
Eastern Mansterberg House Viven
Western Mansterburg House Sijun
Dragarholm House Tuss
Upper Falgard House Modwick
Lower Falgard House Tyche
Upper Holstinberg House Sunden
Lower Holstinberg House Beaumond
Southern Rosevale House Hunter
Ninvernia House Myvern