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A continent (from Liliani, continere, "to hold together") is a large, continuous land mass, by most geographical conventions. However, some large island groups also qualify as their own continents or as part of a continent. For example, Maritimia itself, or as part of Melania.

The continents of Vexillium are the following:

Recent discoveries (299AP):
  • Polaria
The Old Continents: The New Continents, or Nova Vexillium:
  • Delgamia
  • Fiarria
  • Maritimia
  • Melania
  • Nuarmia
Part of the Old Continents:

The division between Old and New Vexillium is along the 90° East and 90° West meridians (except for Polaria and Glaciaria).

The continents can also be divided in two other groups: The Western Hemisphere and the Eastern Hemisphere. The division lines are the 0° and 180° meridians.

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