Nestarsee no'Ggoare
Conventional short name:
 Local: Nestarsee no'Ggoare
 Ingallish: Coare Republic
Data codes: cr, COR
 Official: Ingallish, Coare
 Others: Kencari, Tak, ...
 Capital: Coarnigg
 Other: Strycyseen, Ntigocas, Doazybas, Ridani
Government type: republic
President: Sir Julius Whittington (since 316)
Prime-Minister: Osbert Hindhalleigh (since 318)
Population: 21,855,955 Coare, Coarian
Established: Gained independence 316 AP
Currency: Ntymaersy
Organizations: UNV, SUECS

The Coare Republic (Coare: Nestarsee no'Ggoare, /kɪ‘/, /nestɛr'si nɔ'ŋɪ‘/; Coastal Kencari: Destraddokappist Bbocari) is one of the seven successor states of the Republic of Bowdani. Located in the northwest of the former republic, the Coare Republic borders Caboteniasa, Tak, and the Lectern of United Kencari Peoples.