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The Church of Altland is an autocephalous Cruisian church founded, according to tradition, by Bishop Saint Cormac who sailed to the island of Sunfalla from Cruisiana and settled at Komdn in what is now the Duchy of Nijmork. After the formation of Old Altland, the Bishop of Komdn was raised by royal patent to the rank of Archbishop and Primate. Later the primatial see was transferred to Midlburgh, the national capital, where it remains to this day. There is a province of four Church of Altland bishoprics in the Altlandic Crown Colony of Port Maries as well as a semi-autonomous branch of the Church of Altland known as The Church of Disonda, under the primacy of the Archbishop of Sant'Antonio. There are also Church of Altland missionary dioceses in the Kingdom of Afrazure, Fort Capital, San Patricio, and Phenixia.